Feb 4, 2012


            For you know that when your faith is tested, your endurance has a chance to grow (James 1:3) (NLT).

            We all know that God tests us for the faith that we have in God. Job said about the testing of God that when He tests us He helps us to come out as pure gold (Job 23:10). God tests our faith to make us pure. At another place God said, I have tested you in the fire of affliction (Isaiah 48:10). If we are not tested for our faith in God, there will be no progress for our Spiritual life. God is considered as the refiner’s fire (Malachi 3:2), so when we are tested in the fire of affliction we are going through God to develop our faith. How great it is that God gives us faith and helps us to grow in faith.

            The life in this world is full of difficulties, for Jesus has already said what is going to be happened when we trust in God and start living according the word of God (John 16:33). We may have many people gathered against us, but trust in Him, He will make them to turn in favor of us (Isaiah 54:15). There may be people who stands against your work for God, but God will turn them to join us to work for same God (Acts 9:15-16). Whatever we see that happening when we start living for God it is not to destroy us, but to make us strong in God. James says these trials as the golden opportunity to grow in faith, for the test of faith develops perseverance in us and this perseverance leads us to have hope in God (James 1:3; Romans 5:4).

            Apostle Peter says that the trials come to our life to see whether our faith is proved genuine and may result in praise, glory and honor when Christ is revealed (1 Peter 1:7). When we are tested in faith it leads us to praise and honor, for God has promised us that He will give us (Zephaniah 3:19). Let us all trust in The LORD that when we are tested in the fire of affliction by God, surely we will come out as pure gold without any dross. Living the faithful life is though it seems difficult, but as we are tested it becomes easy with the help of the Spirit of the God.

            GOD BLESS YOU
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