Mar 20, 2012

Impossible but Possible...

Are you discouraged, looking at the frightening negatives of your life right now?

Here are some wonderful evidences which explain the power of God that transforms the adversities into advancements...

 Rod can float on the sea, but can it divide the sea?
The Power of God divided the sea through the rod of Moses (Exo.14:16:21)

 Bricks can become a wall, but can the waters of Red sea become a wall?
The Power of God made the waters of Red sea as a wall on the right and on the left sides(Exo.14:22)

 Can the sunken iron axe float by throwing a wooden stick in water?
The Power of God made the iron axe head float when Prophet Elisha threw a stick(IIKin.6:6)

 Feet will get wet if dipped in the river, but can the river be cut off?
The Power of God cut off the water as soon as the feet of the priests dipped in the edge of the water(Jos.3:15,16)

 Sand can become a heap, but can the waters become a heap?
The Power of God made the water from upstream to be piled up into a heap(Jos.3:16)

 Donkey will bray, but will it speak?
The Power of God made donkey speak to correct Balaam(Num.22:28)

 The flour is used to make stew, but can it take away the poison?
The Power of God removed the poison through Prophet Elijah just by sing the flour(IIKings4:41)

 Can dead bones give life?
The Power of God enabled the body to rise up with life as it touched the dead bones of Prophet Elisha(IIKings13: 21)

 Hands can tear off clothes, but can they tear apart a lion?
The Power of God made Samson to tear the roaring lion apart with his bare hands(Jud.14:6)

 Clocks rotate forward, but can they rotate backwards?
The Power of God brought the shadow ten degrees backwards

 Can the Sun which is moving all day be made to stand still?
 The Power of God made the sun to stand still in the middle of the sky and delayed going down about a full day for the Israelites(Jos.10:13)

 Fire burns away everything. Is it possible for fire not to touch any-thing thrown in?
The Power of God protected Daniel’s friends from fire without even the smell of fire upon them. (Dan.3:27)

 Can the roaring lion lie down quietly?
The Power of God rescued Daniel by shutting down the mouths of the roaring lions(Dan.6:22)

Water removes dirt, can it remove leprosy?
The Power of God cleansed Naaman’s flesh from leprosy when he dipped himself in the water of Jordan(IIKin.5:14)

 Crow will seek its food, but can it give food to man?
The Power of God made the ravens bring bread and meat to Elijah everyday to feed him(IKings17:6)

 Can someone swallowed by a huge fish come back alive?
The Power of God made the fish to vomit Jonah onto dry land and brought him back(Jonah2:10)

 A wall can be brought down by a bomb, but can it collapse with a shout of praise?
The Power of God made the strong walls of Jericho fell down through the shouts of praise(Jos.6:20)

 Can thousands be fed by the food of one person?
The Power of God fed the hunger of about 5000 people through the meal of a boy(John6:9,13)

 A stone can shoot down a bird, but can it shoot down a giant?
The Power of God struck down the Philistine by the stone slung by David(ISamuel17:50)

 This God created man in His likeness from the dust of the earth. Will not the God who created you do mighty things in your life beyond your expectations through His Power? Will He not change your list of “Impossibilities” into Possibilities” in your life?
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