Mar 6, 2012

Testimony of a hindu convert...Narasimha Rao

I am Paul Mathew Adiraju. I came from an orthodox Hindu family. I worshiped idols before knowing Jesus. We used to bow down before many gods .Our name symbolizes our house hold god We were honored by the village people as our forefathers lead them in Hindu traditions. They used call even my little sister with honour ". Before conversion my name is Narasimha Rao. During my studies I worked as a communist leader and propagated non existence of God. .My life was miserable .I used to abuse Christians and spoke filthy words against all. My life was very much bitter and I was deeply depressed. Sometimes I used stand before judiciary for my misbehavior towards others. Even after marriage there was no change in my life. My parents and my wife were totally vexed with my behavior, because I did not follow minimum moral ethics.

One day, with much depression, I decided to end my life. .On that day one servant of God met me and asked me why you are in depression? Who said I asked? Jesus He replied? Immediately I scolded him as I was against to Jesus and His Lordship .I never heard about Jesus as my brought up is different. I knew Him as a poor people’s leader who led the Israelites to fought against Roman Government. I refused Him many times and spoke against Him no of times. But the servant loved me and asked me to come to Chennai to listen about Jesus. I went there because of his request I sat in the hall with sinful heart and much carelessness. When the servant of God spoke about Jesus a light fall on me and I fell down from my chair crying and weeping loudly. Jesus touched me and I confessed my sins. I was a chain smoker and evil doer before conversion. When Jesus touched my heart I became a new creation.
In the year 2007 Lord spoke to me to do His service. Then I left my secular Job and preaching the Gospel in Andhra Pradesh India. I need your prayer support. My burden is not for money but for souls. If you are having any opportunity to call me to your areas I will be very happy to come and preach the gospel with much burden of souls and also share my witness to encourage the people . Please pray for this ministry i,e The Love of Christ evangelical Ministries , send your prayer requests if any . I am happy to pray on your behalf. .My e mail is By the Grace of God Bi Monthly Magazine KREESTHU PREMA and certain books in Telugu are being published. .

Please pray for me to organize 24 hours prayer tower in Visakhapatnam if god is willing . Please remember me in your prayers, if God permits I want to reach the people throughTelevisionMinistry.
Yours in His service .
Paul mathew A
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