Apr 24, 2012

Martyrs For Christ - Heaven's Qualifiers

Probius Circa 250 AD

Probius was whipped until the blood flowed, then laden with chains and thrown into prison. A few days later, he was brought out and commanded to sacrifice to the heathen gods. He courageously replied,

“Employ your whole power upon me, and you shall find that neither you,
 Nor the emperor,
 Nor the gods you serve,
 nor even the devil who is your father shall compel me to serve idols.”

Probius was eventually killed by the sword.

"I Have to Know"
Thomas Hauker
England 1555

"Thomas", his friend lowered his voice so as not to be heard by the guard.

"I have to ask you this favor. I need to know if what the others say about the grace of God is true.

Tomorrow, when they burn you at the stake, if the pain is tolerable and your mind is at peace, lift your hands above your head.

Do it right before you die. Thomas I have to know."

Thomas Hauker whispered to his friend,
"I will."

The next morning, Hauker was bound to the stake and the fire was lit.

The fire burned a long time, but Hauker remained motionless. His skin was burnt to a crisp and his fingers were gone. Everyone watching supposed he was dead. Suddenly, miraculously, Hauker lifted his hands, still on fire, over his head.

He reached them up to the living God, and then, with great rejoicing, clapped them together three times.

The people there broke into shouts of praise and applause.

Haukers friend had his answer.

This was from the book Jesus Freaks  by DC Talk and VOM

"Yes I Believe in God"

She was 17 years old. He stood glaring at her, his weapon before her face.

“Do you believe in God?” She paused. It was a life or death question.

“Yes I believe in God.” “Why? ”Asked her executioner. But he never gave her a chance to respond.

 The teenage girl lay dead at his feet.

This scene could have happened in the Roman Coliseum. It could have happened in the middle ages.

 And it could have happened in any number of countries around the world today.

People are being imprisoned, tortured, and killed every day because they refuse to deny the name of Jesus.

This particular story did not happen in ancient times, nor in Vietnam, Pakistan, or Romania. 

It happened in Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado, on April 20th, 1999

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