Apr 11, 2012

Testimony of Sis Rachna Sharma - Hindu Convert

I was born in a Hindu family in Delhi and because my fathers illness, he couldn’t work so my mother used to do a job, and therefore, I lived in my Nani’s home since my childhood (I was one and half year old). Although my nani and everyone there was loving and caring, but I always was missing my parents, somebody who can care me and give me attention. At nights, I used to talk to God and used to do prayers in crying. (I trusted that God is there who listened me and consoled me everytime).

After 12th standard, I started earning by petty jobs like giving tuitions to children, My nana-nani(Grand Parents) were financially strong but nanaji was moody and sometimes denied to give money for my fees or something. I used to think that there is nobody on this earth who cares for me actually. I belonged to a hindu family but by God's grace I could not trusted idols, I never felt peace in my heart while worshiping the idols. I never liked to go to temple, as I would think that God is a spirit who resides in our hearts. So I only used to pray to the Lord at night while sleeping.

In 2008 a boy came to my life and proposed me, I denied initially but then I started talking. It happened for about an year, we decided to get married. He told to his family and they agreed, they met me and agreed and told me to talk to my mother regarding that. Somewhere in my heart I used to think that there are lots of differences between me and him and we had no compatibility, but I thought he will love me and care for me because he likes me, so I told to my mother about him. My mother made this a very big issue and became very angry, she started shouting at nani’s home. I was in my 2nd semester of MBA and couldn’t concentrate on my studies, so I shifted to my chachaji’s home as he suggested me.

My chachaji (Uncle) would care for me and one day he talked to that boy’s father regarding our marriage but he bluntly denied saying he will not marry his son to a pandit girl (he was a kiost-Srivastava). I was so shocked listening this and I was hurt badly. That boy also said that he can’t oppose his father, he was upset but said to chachiji that find another boy for her. Then my chachiji suggested me not to talk to him anymore and forget about him. I stopped talking to him but I became like a dead person, I forgot to smile, couldn’t sleep for nights and cried for months. That time was very low point in my life.

        While I was staying at my chachaji’s home one day I read a book “Two trees in the garden”. I read few lines but couldn’t understand it properly then I discussed about the book with my chachiji, she told me that it is a biblical book. I wanted to know about the two trees and about Adam and Eve so I asked for bible and started reading. I read New Testament. I read about Jesus Christ and was touched by His messages and His goodness and soon put my faith in Jesus Christ as my Lord and only God. I started to obey some commandments of God as I was reading from the Bible.

       One day I met with my cousin didi Archna Sharma she told me about Lord Jesus Christ. She knew about my condition and what had happened recently so she thought I was depressed so she called me to meet her and then she told about Jesus. She told me that He is our Saviour and we have to have our faith in Him, nothing evil can affect us for God works all things for our good. He saves us from our sins. She told me to read bible and she did pray for me. My didi prayed with me for forgiveness of my sins and repentance. As I prayed I felt the warmth and peace in my heart. That day when I came back to my home I found lots of changes in me, I was keen to watch movies and etc but now I had no desire to watch TV or any movie. I was always thinking about Christ and trying to know His love more and more. I listened to some worship songs which I used to sing at night and I found myself closer to God and didn’t worry for anything. My faith in the Lord was becoming stronger.

    One day that boy called me and asked me to meet him. I went but that day too I was only thinking about Christ and didn’t feel to take a decision to marry him. All the time I was thinking that marriage is not the only issue of my life; I need to know the LORD my MAKER. I told him that now I don’t trust you, and also I have started following JESUS. I denied him by saying that we have no compatibility and also your parents will not accept a Christian girl. He tried to convince me but I came back saying him “No”.

    At home I was thinking “Is this the God’s will in my life not to marry him!” he was the one, without him I was not able to live, to smile but now even after saying NO I was happy and worshiping the LORD happily. After few months I got to know that he got married and then I thought I was protected by my Lord and the Lord has different plans for my life. And I want to do God’s will only.

     In Archana didi’s home I accepted The Lord as my Saviour. Me and Archana didi did prayer and worshiped the LORD. That day I repented of my past sin and also I prayed for my family. I felt Jesus Christ’s love in my heart and cried in Christ’s love. I was happy knowing and accepting the LORD. That day was a blessing for me.

    Now I have taken a firm decision to follow Jesus Christ with all my heart and all my life. I have started to go to church regularly and read Bible. While worshiping I feel I have become a member of Lord’s family. I am really blessed.


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