Apr 9, 2012

Think before you speak..........

    I want to share this true story to warn you about the dangers of your word of mouth and the way a young boy crazy for Jesus went away from the lord and now finding it difficult to come closer to the lord....
Judah (name changed)  was born in a praying family where every morning and evening regular prayer took place.He was lucky enough to know the saving power of Jesus Christ and got saved in a very young age.Now the lord burdened him to spend time in prayer and share the word with others.As the time gone by the gifts of Holy spirit started to work in his life and many were healed and delivered also he shared the word with power and authority.

    Everything was alright and he was doing the ministry but as he was young he didn't get much offering.One day when he was having his lunch his mother said "why are you eating without getting regular income."He was so hurt that the very next day he started too search for a job.Very soon he got a job in a christian organization.Everything was well until he met a lady whose husband left her and she shared her sad story.As she was elder than him she address her as sister but in course of time he never knew about the trap and soon both were married and this was not revealed to his family.Time went and soon she was pregnant and gave birth to a child.Now she was joined wit the family but the need were more and he was not earning enough so he started to take loan from different people and to flee from the eyes of the debtors he changed his residence.

     Now he had no control and his prayer life began to decrease and he was trapped in the Satan's grip.While he was living with her he got connected with another girl who was not a Christian and married her in a temple.Thus doing sin after sin.Now his life was hopeless and started managing his two wives.After some time he separated himself with the first lady.

      Do you know why this happened.If his mother did not use the wrong sentence he would have been a blessing to many.Now he is working in a secular company and doesn't know the way out.After interaction with believers he wants to unite with the lord but finding it difficult because of the guilt of SIN.

Please pray for him so that he is a blessing to many and comes out of this trap of SATAN.
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