May 24, 2012

God's little devotional journal (for teens)......sample.....

Here is one of the inspiring article from this life changing book.
Never Quit

   In 1894,a sixteen year old found this note from his rhetoric teacher at Harrow,in England,attached to his report card:"A conspicuous lack of success."The young man kept on trying and went on to become one of the most famous speakers of the 20th century.His name was Winston Churchill.

   In 1902,an aspiring 28 year old writer received a rejection letter from the portry editor of the Atlantic Monthly.
Returned,with a batch of poems he had sent,was the curt note:"Our magazine has no room for your vigorous verse."he kept on trying,however,and went on to see his work published.The poet's name was Robert Frost.

   In 1905,the university of bern turned down a Ph.D.dissertation as being fanciful and arrelevent.The young physics student,who wrote the dissertation,kept on trying and went on to develop some of his ideas into widely accepted theories.His name was Albert Einstein.

   When rejection shakes your resolve and dims your goals,keep on trying.If you do not quit,one day,you will be living out your dreams!

Key Verse : The righteous will move onward and forward,and those with pure hearts will become stronger and stronger.JOB 17:9

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