May 27, 2012

How to make India beggar free nation

Do you know that begging in India is Rs.200 crore industry and this has been said after two year survey by Dr. Rafiuddin, on average a beggar earns Rs.24,000/- per month in cities. There are instances of rich beggars in India for example a beggar was found with Rs.8,00,000/- in his garbage bag or a beggar with an insurance of Rs.36,000/- per year or has 7 flats in Mumbai and though there are rich beggars the income is spread unevenly across the country.

As a regular traveler in Train I see these beggars regularly.First let me share why we are giving than how we can stop this menace.

Normally regular travelers don't give alms and you will be surprised that these beggars normally don't disturb the regular commuters.But the new ones when someone new face them they feel pity on them and thus the way people give.Begging is not much in Tamilnadu.When the train goes to Andhra and Karnataka beggars business is in full.

Once Bro Augustine Jebakumar when he was travelling in a train handed over some money to a beggar and asked him if he want to accompany him to Bihar where he can have all the facility and also he can study.His immediate answer was no as he was the one who was earning for the house.

Some of the beggars are under gangsters and mafias are running this business.
Where they are closely followed by their leader.

We need to stop this and that starts from us.If we take a decision of not giving and encourage others not to give than surely we can bring this to an end.I have few ngo friends who take care of beggars and even you can support them.One among that is Seal Ashram
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