May 7, 2012

is small group not powerful............

We run family retreats but we neglect family prayers, as preachers we give much time for public meetings but we have no time for private meetings with God.

We are interested in huge numbers and love to preach at huge gatherings but forsake small gatherings.

We have time for crusade meetings but no time for cottage meetings, we preach in prayer conferences but not in prayer cells, where only two or three gather (Where Christ is present).

We may be busy with huge meetings but let us also give time for small meetings.

We may always stand before thousands of people yet let us also sit before individuals to care and counsel.

As pastors, preachers and gospel workers let us not neglect small meetings, prayer cells, cottage meetings and personal evangelism.

Remember John Wesley who shook England with his message was converted not in a public meeting where a World famous preacher preached but in a small mid week prayer meeting when a common preacher read a pamphlet written by Martin Luther.

 George Muller was converted in a small prayer meeting (prayer cell group).

Charles Spurgeon called prince of preachers was saved when an unknown man presented Christ in a little Chapel in England where only fifteen people were present.

Friends, you may be a very busy preacher or pastor or busy man but do not neglect cottage meetings, small gatherings, prayer cells and family prayers.

When many Great men of God were brought to Christ through these small meetings how can we neglect them?
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