May 22, 2012

Stop giving “free Christian Literatures” specially to Christians

With a burden to use Christian Literature effectively I am compelled to write this blog.

First of all I thank all those who are sincerely involved in distribution of free Christian Literature.

I still remember my first trip to Singapore when we as a group bought suitcases in bulk and while going one among us asked a question. Is there any free gift for this much of purchase .The lady gave an immediate answer which I still cannot forget “we won’t give anything for feee(free) in their slank.

When the question of literature comes we quote one verse “free you have received freely you give” It is good when something is given to person who is in need.

Let me share with you the dangers of free literature. It doesn’t mean that we are not literature for free.

1. The person who is getting doesn’t know the value and hence some times he is not at all going through.

2. The person who is distributing and not invested his or her money will be careless and always want to clear his or her godown.

3. During free distribution many cult gets inside.

4. There won’t be any reprints possible without going for the donors.

I have heard and even seen Bibles dumped in dirty godowns. Books lying as someone has paid for that.

My humble request to all organizations. Please receive free literature for you but during distribution charge a small amount of money which fits their pocket.

Don’t give anything improper or incorrect because you are giving for free.Best advice to all. Say no if someone is giving the books or Bibles for free.In turn we can say my lord has blessed me immensely and I lack nothing.

For all those who treat India as poor country. One litre of Petrol is 70/-.

My humble request if you see someone is really in need and cannot afford it is always better to give him spiritual food along with physical food.

Let us remember whoever is printing or distributing the money involved is God’s. Let us handle God’s money carefully.

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