May 9, 2012

Testimony of a Muslim convert

My name is Joshua and I was Muslim. One day while I was inside my car, I started to ponder about who invented this car? The answer is Sir Henry Ford and he is Christian. Who invented electric bulb? The answer is Sir Thomas Edison and he is also Christian. Who invented the airplane? The answer is Oliver and Wilbur Wright and they are Christians. If we look around we can see all the technologies come from the Christians. How come these technologies do not come from Muslim, Hindu or Buddhist? The clothes we are wearing and its design come from the Christians.
I went to the book shop and bought the book with the title “The History of Jesus Christ”. After I read the book I found that Jesus did not do anything wrong. Until he was nailed on the cross he still forgave the people who tortured him to death. From then on I started to tell myself, I did not care whether Jesus was God or not but the important thing for me to do was to follow him. I must obey his teaching.
After 3 years I went to a church where I found my wife. We were about to marry in the church. As we planned to our marriage many of the pastors were afraid to bless us because our country is Muslim country. They advised us to marry at the mosque but I rejected the idea because I did not want to deny Jesus. A miracle happened. The pastor of the church who had leukemia for 8 years was healed after I prayed for him. He could jump and dance.
I asked him to bless our marriage in his church and he agreed. We were married in his church. After that we went to register our marriage at the registration department. We encountered problems because I was a Muslim. I told my friend who was a lawyer about my problem. He advised me to leave my country and go to New Zealand. He said New Zealand is a Christian country and I can stay there safely. Without a job, the New Zealand government can support us.
I sold all my properties. The properties which I inherited from my parent who just past away, I decided to give away to my brothers. We left my country and went to Singapore to buy airplane tickets for New Zealand but failed. My wife is an Indonesian and she must get her visa first. I was stuck in Indonesia for 3 years.
I was in Kalimantan for one year and in Sumatera for 2 years. In Kalimantan our ministry was 5 hours walk up the mountain. The peoples there had no money. Some of them practiced witchcraft and some of them ate human flesh. Lord Jesus was with us and we stayed there with God protection. After one year in Kalimantan my money was used up. I prayed, “Lord I have no money and I won’t ask anyone. It is all alright for me to die young but I’m happy”. The next day when I woke up I got a letter from England with 80 pound sterling in it. My friend Richard from England sent it. This was really a miracle.
I was arrested by the Indonesian authorities because my passport had expired. I should be charged and jailed for 5 years or fined RP25 million. A Muslim policeman helped to come back to Malaysia. In Malaysia I had only RM100.00. To make Malaysian passport I needed RM300.00. When I went to the bank to change my ATM card, the bank officer asked me how much I had in my account. I said I had only RM10.00 but the bank officer said I had RM4000.00. That was a miracle. I made my passport and went back to Indonesia.
The Lord was always with us when we did our healing ministry.
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