Jun 15, 2012

Effects of 1904 Welsh Revival

The Revival - What happened?
Evan Roberts

Souls were saved, individual lives were changed and Society itself was changed.

  Countless numbers of souls were saved.
No records were kept of the actual number converted, but 150,000 is a very conservative estimate during the first six months.

Wales again became a God-fearing nation.

People, thousands of them, were saved. There are men and women still in our churches today whose parents or grandparents' testimonies were that they were converted in the Revival in 1904 or 1905.

Not only were individual lives changed by the power of the Holy Spirit, but whole communities were changed indeed society itself was changed - Wales was again a God-fearing nation.

Public houses became almost empty. Men and women who used to waste their money in getting drunk were now saving it, giving it to help their churches, buying clothes and food for their families.

And not only drunkenness, but stealing and other offences grew less and less so that often a magistrate came to court and found there were no cases for him.

Men whose language had been filthy before learnt to talk purely.

 It is related that not only did the colliers put in a better day's work, but also that the pit ponies (horses) turned disobedient!

 The ponies were so used to being cursed and sworn at that they just didn't understand when orders were given in kind, clean words!

 The dark tunnels underground in the mines echoed with the sounds of prayer and hymns, instead of oaths and nasty jokes and gossip.

People who had been careless about paying their bills, or paying back money they had borrowed, paid up all they owed.

People who had not been friends for a long time because of something that had happened in the past, forgot their quarrels and were happy together again.

 In fact, Evan Roberts used to say that there could be no blessing on anyone who had unkind thoughts about anyone else.

Will Such a Touch Return to our Nation?

Is there a Watchman who is incessantly pleading before the Lord?

Can God Find one under the Sun with a Fervent heart to see the nations turn to Him?

Will You be the One...?

Evan Roberts Prayed for Eleven Years to see the Touch...

The Question is...

Are You willing to Stand in the Gap in Prayer and Intercession?

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