Jun 30, 2012

Someone Loves You !!

Hey...!!! Praise to be God alone...:) Its Like natural human behavior that we want to be Loved and When we Love Someone we want that Person Should be Jealous of other Person getting Close to me or me loving more to other ! Today Just an hour ago I realized that God Is Jealous For Me !!! Isint it Strange ?? The God who created whole Earth all the mankind is Jealous for me ... Me who is just so stupid the one who always make mistakes.. But the Truth Is He is Jealous For me For You n For everyone !! His Love is like a hurricane and we are a Tree..bending beneath..the weight of his Wind and Mercy :) God Loves Us with the Love that we dont even Know anything about it .. because there is no human love comparable to divine Love :) No matter how far we try to run he Always Loves Us,, He always sees us,, God Created You in His Image.. Genesis 1:27 We are Important To God !! Every moment of our life is Watched by God ! God is Listening to us,, He understands us,, He Answers us,, Even If you would be the only Person On this earth still he would have died for You ! This much He Loves You !! The last thing Jesus came to do was start another religion. He came to show us what life in the Kingdom of God looks like! He Was Rejected So we Could be Accepted ! Jesus Died So We could have Life ! Life With God Is not about Religion Its About a Relationship !! He Loves Loves Loves Loves Loves Loves Loves Us that to Forever and ever and ever !! Be blessed !! Let His Spirit be With You !!
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