Jun 9, 2012


            I tell you the truth, until heaven and earth disappear, not even the smallest detail of God’s law will disappear until its purpose is achieved (Matthew 5:18) (NLT).
            While living in the world, we come across many books. Few of them gives us wisdom and few of them teaches us the truth. But there is a book which gives us the wisdom and truth, and this book exactly tells us about the life we are living, and the life which we should live. That book we name it as a “Bible”, which is to be considered as “Holy”. Why it is “Holy”? It is Holy, because it is the word of God, the God who is Holy (Leviticus 11:44). All the Scripture is nothing but the breath of the Holy God (2 Timothy 3:16). We should trust in the Bible, because it is the breath of God which gave the life to Adam in the beginning and giving life to us even to this day. Everything that we see is in this world the result of the Word of God. There is a great reason why God speaks? God speaks a word for its fulfillment. He never speaks just like that, but every word that comes out of His mouth will achieve its purpose in its own time (Isaiah 55:11). We as the followers of Christ should trust in the Bible, because it is the fulfillment of the Word of God.
            Sometimes we feel like trusting in God is enough for us, but we should trust in the people, the prophets who wrote the Bible. God spoke to His Prophets, and through these prophets He spoke to the people on the earth (Hebrews 1:1), when we have faith in these prophets who spoke the Word of God to His people, we will be successful in our life (2 Chronicles 20:20). Jesus, being the son of God, He trusted in The Bible. Jesus himself is the Word of God, and He trusted what the Prophets heard from God and wrote (Luke 24:27). We can see Jesus always taught the people about the Word of God from the Bible, but from nowhere else. Jesus said, as long as the heavens and the earth exist, the Word of God will exist in the world. Even if the heavens and earth passes away, the Word of God will not passes away (Matthew 24:35). The Word of God is established forever. There is another reason that Jesus was giving us why we should trust in the Word, He said, the Word of God is true and it cannot be broken (John 10:35).
            Jesus said, blessed are those who hear the Word of God and obey it (Luke 11:28). It is not just the one who hears the Word of God is blessed, but the one who obey it is highly blessed. Bible is not just the events took place many years ago, but it is the events that are taking place even to this day. In a single word we can say, Bible is the fulfillment of Prophecy. Few people make others to get scared about Bible. But the truth is that when we hear the Word of God and obey it, we will have a blessed life. Do not fear about the Word of God, but love the Word of God. It makes you to grow in Wisdom and Knowledge, for these both are hidden in Jesus Christ (Colossians 2:3). Let us all trust in what Bible speaks, because Jesus trusted in this and He prospered. When we trust in the Word of God by meditating it, we surely will prosper.
            GOD BLESS YOU
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