Sep 15, 2012

I am Alone

I am a Delhi boy , who used to go office regular, and while coming back from the office, was very interested to spend time reading Bible . As I was from a Hindu Family, so it was all new for me. This habit of reading daily realise me one day that I want to know more about this God. All of a sudden I left my Job, and applied for DTS(Discipleship training School), with YWAM(Youth With a Mission). Completed the school from Bangalore and came back to Delhi. But there were still some more Unsolved Questions in my heart, amd keen interested to know and want to read the Book named Bible where I put my faith into. So I once again applied for SBS(school of Biblical Studies) a 9 month long programme where I read the Bible first Time in my life time from Genesis to Revelation. I successfully completed that school also . Now I came back once again to my hometown Delhi, and Know who the Real GOD is and what He wants from us and what He deserves. But being the only one in my family a believer, I don’t know what & how to share it with my family. The friends whom I used to spend time with they says , you are now change but it seems that some one did mind wash for you. The office mates are Now withdrawing double of the Salary what I used to get, & I am waiting on to the Lord for my Next step inside my room & asking Him ,  Lord am I wrong or did I did some mistake ?

My family is against me , my friends are not with me , the relatives don’t know what I am doing, Now one remembers me in my office . I am now so alone in this Race, but Still asking the Lord .

Always Be with me.
I am praying for the next step and asking the lord from my small room. What Next Lord What Next .
even though I am so Alone NOW. !!   
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