Oct 2, 2012

+++ Jesus Is The Answer To Every Problem +++

+++ Jesus Is The Answer To Every Problem +++
If you are suffering, Christ Jesus  can ease your pain.
If you are confused, Christ Jesus can clear your mind.

If you are fearful, Christ Jesus can give you peace.
If you have bad habits, Christ Jesus can break them for you.
If you have vicious harmful thoughts, Christ Jesus can scatter them for you.
If unclean spirits are within you, Christ Jesus can cast them out.

If you are hateful toward others, or indifferent, Christ Jesus can fill you with love.
If you need anything whatsoever, Christ Jesus can provide it.
If you give yourself to Him, Christ Jesus  will give Himself to you.

If you accept your rightful place in the household of God, Christ Jesus  will love you as His child and take care of you forever.
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