Jun 22, 2013

Today Kedarnath tomorrow May be Amarnath

This blog is a warning and awareness for all who wants to go on pilgrimage to difficult places.

First let me me explain how within 30 minutes every place turned into nothing.
In Kedarnath where our fellow national went on for pilgrimage no one knew that this kind of disaster can take place.

Its been now one week and still people are stranded and waiting for the rescue without food and water.

Ok this is past and many of us know that 55 days Amarnath Yatra is going to start on June 28 2013,this time special arrangements has been done to avoid causalities.

Let me tell you that if same kind of incident takes place than no one can survive.If you are going through this blog please avoid going to such places which is man made and think about the creator who is watching and wants us to live.

I know the terrain from both the sides and been to that place more than 5 times.Paths are risky and even small rail we can not with stand.
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