Oct 8, 2013

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Again from the beginning !! By Payal James

Twisted poison burning into my soul
Never ending pain and torture eating my inside Soul
Having that anger digs deep down in my soul, 
This is something that we all go through,

Thinking to run away
but there is no place to go
Its there where ever I go,

As I step further
Into the pits of despair
I called out for help
over and over
trying all this time to fight,
Failed myself and I don't know why,
I've trusted them and
they didn't come through
May be this time 
I should try something new,

I prayed to God so I'll know his will
I've prayed and prayed and I don't know still
I want to stop
or i can 
START OVER again,,

I've not finished and
I dont want to quit
When I've found myself in life's deepest pit
I wanna try and try to get out of it,

Each Day is new
Each day is Challenge
Each day can bring new hope

May be yesterday u were a Trash
But today if u ready to remember and START OVER
You are a TREASURE

Life is tuff,
People are too rude,
Still what matters is Who u are ?
Who you desire to be ?

So, y not Forgive others
and Start over,

God Never Takes things Away simply untill he have better to give it to u 

!!#Lesson To Myself or May Be To U 

By Payal James