Dec 8, 2013

How can we have Bibles everywhere (SERAH BIBLE MOVEMENT)

This is a way we can have Bible everywhere.
We from Serah India Ministries wants to have an impact by way of having investment for Bibles in Various languages.
If each believer invests for one bible.we can have additional Bibles printed all over India.
SERAH Bible movement
minimum share 10/-
You can have the share in soft form.
We want representation from all the states.
your 15 shares adds for one bible.
Thus small penny can make a big difference.
These Bibles will be made available in different parts of India and as and when the requirement arises the Bible will be delivered.In the coming days the movement of Bibles will be a problem.
Let us join together and try to have an impact in these last days.

There will be two ways.
1.Non reundable.
2.Refundable Min lock in 2 years.


Dec 7, 2013

Creating oppurtunity for Literature Ministry

Communist revolution happened because of Literature movement.
End time revival can happen through this effort.
Pastors are the main force where ever we go for proclaiming the word.
We welcome pastors to promote literature in your area of ministry.
If you are interested please call Bro Jivi Jebaraj at 98409 74777 or 8144647080.