Mar 31, 2014

A Drastic Change

Dr. Bernard Nathanson - Leading Abortion Doctor
Dr. Bernard Nathanson was the leading abortion doctor in the United States in the 1970’s.
He had campaigned vigorously for the legalization of abortion and he himself had performed 60,000 abortions.
He even believed his intentions were good and that he was doing a righteous thing by providing a service that guaranteed a woman’s right to control her body.
But something changed Dr. Nathanson ‘s point view.
It was a medical breakthrough called the ultrasound, introduced in 1976.
This device literally opened a window on fetal development.
The first time Nathanson saw an ultrasound in action, he was with a group of residents gathered around a pregnant patient in a darkened examining room watching a demonstration by a technician. The technician applied a conductive gel to the woman’s abdomen and then began working a handheld sensor over her stomach.
As the screen clarified, Nathanson was amazed. He could see a throbbing heart.
When the technician focused closely on the image, Nathanson could see all four chambers of the heart pumping blood.
And during the scan Nathanson became convicted. He said that his mind had dropped the word foetus in favor of the word baby.
 Suddenly, everything he had been learning about the child in the womb since his entry into the medicine snapped into focus. He had known what took place in the womb but somehow seeing it for the first time changed everything.
Bernard Nathanson, the leading abortion doctor in America, became convinced that human life existed with in the womb from the onset of pregnancy.
In an article he wrote for the New England Journal of Medicine he wrote, in abortion “we are taking life.”
That foetus is not mere tissue it is human life.
WOW...Yet it falls on deaf ears...

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