Apr 11, 2014

Effective COD for the Bibles and Christian All over India

What is COD?
COD is nothing but Cash On Delivery.
Now a days those who are doing online purchases mostly know this term.
In Christian Retailing COD is not effectively managed due to certain reasons.
One of the main reason is non availability of the person when the postman arrives and many a times the parcel end up returned without being paid.
We from Serah India Ministries are planning to make it easier to promote through COD.
This is how it happens
1.You need to have a minimum deposit account with Serah India Ministries.
2.When you are registered the lead which we get online or over phone will be transferred.
3.The book will be delievered to you and you need to deliver and collect the payment.
4.After collecting the money you can refill your account.
5.We will deduct actuals,where as you can keep the COD difference for your services.
Hoping to tap the least touched areas, we want you to join hands with us by simply giving a missed call at 09841203456 or mail us at info@serahindia.com

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