Apr 2, 2014

Effective ways to get yourself out of DEBT

Let me share the effective ways to come out of DEBT.

First of all have a thumb rule to use Credit Cards
Your credit spendings or limit should be 1/4th of your savings or cash in hand,
For example if you have 1 lack INR than go for a 25000/- limit or atleast 50% that is can go upto 50000
Use credit cards to earn miles,cash backs or some offers and don't wait to pay on the due date.As soon as you receive your statement be the first person to pay the amount.

Those who borrowed for high interest
Remember do not sleep until you have finished with high interest loans or they will kill you,this means sacrificing what ever you can.

Most of the people want to have an one time settlement and they are ready to wave some amount.In that case try to have a slow savings parallel.

I have seen many going for holidays by taking loans,this can be avoided.

Always pause for a second and think whether to sppostingend or not.

Remember all your show off is waste when you are in DEBT cause you are the one who is facing,don't live for the sake of society but live for your self.

I will be  posting new tips every month.Please search for DEBT key word in our blog to see all the articles we have.

Always try to share with a person who can help you.Remember when you are in problem of DEBT most of the time you can not decide what next to do,ask a financial counselor like me to help you.

You can mail me at jivi.jebaraj@gmail.com
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