Apr 24, 2014

What is the Danger of LOVE Affairs...

Now a days we see that if someone is not in an affair with a boy or girl the society treats them differently.
Affair word is not from the BIBLE.
Let me share you some of the practical problems of LOVE Affairs.
1.You always try to influence the person you love.
2.In thought level most of the time you think about the conversation and what you ought to speak next day.
3.You want the other person to speak to you when you are alone.
Furthermore we are going to discuss.
As a believer of Jesus Christ we need to have a proper relationship with the lord.Suppose you sin and then try to do lord's work what happens.Many a times boys and girls say that if we have holy relationship among us...is that not ok?Let me ask you a question how many of you share about the lord sitting alone?Most of the time we just talk abt the good in the other person and also we make some promises and all.
First and foremost we waste most of our time in talking,chatting,roaming and texting.Have you ever noticed the person who is in affair can not excel in their academic side.Only a few succeed.I want to just think once and decide.If you are in affair and really want to be a blessing after your parents approved and get married.Let us start discussing and be a blessing to someone and do the lord's work.
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