May 11, 2014

Use horn only when needed

I still remember the days when my uncle used to have a horn near the break of his Rajdoot Scooter and while driving he will be honking all the way till he reaches home and he was very proud of that.

This concept of honking changed during my first visit to Singapore way behind in 2002,when we were travelling around in a tourist Bus and never heard the sound of horn.I imagined that this poor fellow has horn which is not working.While parking the bus he seem to press the horn and i was amazed to see the sound which was not at all irritating.

What is the situation in India about Honking.
1.Mumbai is the best place to drive in India where people never honk unnecessarily.If someone did so that fellow may be from outside Mumbai city.
2.Buses in Tamilnadu are the worst and even the people who drive cars or bike.

Personally I have stopped honking and feel irritated when some one honk.

The whole object of this blog is to remind you not to sound horn when not required like when you overtaking in a 4 lane road please don't honk.
When you are in a traffic Jam please please don't honk which has no use.

If you have stopped honking or want to stop after reading this blog please comment.
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