Sep 30, 2014

Turning your pain into joy

Today I want to write this blog with much pain that when believers are not able to live to the standard of God.
Feel why this is happening to believers only.
Today I want you to go forward and fight the battle with the evil one.
let us make prayer as our livelihood giving the priority.
Sometimes we have a question... why this is happening to me?
Answer is very simple.
You have a call from the Lord and Satan doesn't want you to shine for the Lord.
Off late I have seen mothers losing their child and they are not able to come out of that trauma.
Today I want to pray for you to come out of such situation.
Be relaxed and shine for the Lord.
Let me give you a small tip.
When you are facing troublesome situation,do more for the kingdom of God and see how the power of devil leaving you.
May God bless you.
Jivi Jebaraj
A Christian Missionary.
098409 74777
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