Oct 31, 2014

Who will care the orphans

Last week when I was in Pushkar I went to Ajmer to visit a family to pray.
When I reached the big house one young girl opened the door and after few minutes took me inside the house.
When I went went inside my helt started to melt.As I was going through their family history,came to know that their parents died way back in 2003.Both the brothers are totally bed redden and can not walk or stand.
The young girl started talking to me that this is their life.When everyone is happily celebrating Diwali an Indian festival we are sitting here with no hopes.Next sentence was even more touchy.
She said,Pl pray either we all live or all die.
Surprisingly all of them are awake whole night in fear.
They have started believing in Jesus Christ and want to see a total transformation in their life.
They have very little money left for their livelihood.
Their friends and relatives are not supporting.
few Christians are supporting.
Will you be able to support them,if yes I can provide you with their contact details.

Oct 30, 2014

Update from SERAH India Ministries

Update from SERAH India Ministries
 We are trying to promote the word through various other options like printing pens,T shirt,Calenders,book marks and pocket calenders.

We are in the process of printing books for missions.
Concordance work is in final stages.

We want more representatives to present our ministry in your place.
Please call or give a missed call bro Jivi Jebaraj at 9840974777

Oct 6, 2014

Norman Cates - A Humorous Prayer

Norman Cates shared the humorous story of a guy who prayed this prayer every morning:
"Lord, if you want me to witness to someone today, please give me a sign to show me who it is."

 One day he found himself on a bus when a big, burly man sat next to him.
The bus was nearly empty but this guy sat next to our praying friend.

The timid Christian anxiously waited for his stop so he could exit the bus.
But before he could get very nervous about the man next to him, the big guy burst into tears and began to weep.

He then cried out with a loud voice,
"I need to be saved. I’m a lost sinner and I need the Lord. Won’t somebody tell me how to be saved?"

 He turned to the Christian and pleaded,
"Can you show me how to be saved?"

The believer immediately bowed his head and prayed, "Lord, is this a sign?"

Are you looking for a "sign" to start witnessing?

Oct 4, 2014

Where is Your Heart?

Source Unknown.

The body of David Livingstone was buried in England where he was born, but his heart was buried in the Africa he loved.
At the foot of a tall tree in a small African village the natives dug a hole and placed in it the heart of this man who they loved and respected.

If your heart were to be buried in the place you loved most during life, where would it be?

In your pocketbook? In an appropriate space down at the office?

Where is Your heart?

For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.
Luke 12:34

Oct 3, 2014

Four Secrets of Apostle Paul

1. Contentment :

In Philippians 4:11, Paul says,
"In whatever state I am, I am content."

And such contentment brings with it fullness of joy and peace. Hence Paul speaks of joy and peace in verses 4 and 7 of the same chapter.
We can praise God only when we are perfectly content with all His dealings with us. If we believe in a God who is sovereign and Who can therefore make everything that befalls us work together for our good, (Rom.8:28) then we can be truly content in all circumstances.

Then we can praise the Lord, like Habakkuk, even when the trees in our garden don't bear fruit, when our flock dies and when we have suffered heavy financial loss - or in any situation (Habak.3:17,18).

Ephesians 5:18-20 indicates that the result of the infilling of the Holy Spirit is an outflow of praise to God.

The Apostle Paul could rejoice even when he was locked up in prison, with his feet in stocks.
(Acts 16:25)
Even there, he was content and found nothing to complain about.

2. Cross:

Paul said, "I am crucified with Christ" (Gal. 2:20).

The cross is a symbol of weakness, shame and death.
The Apostle Paul had fears, perplexities, sorrows and tears in his life (See 2 Cor. 1:8; 4:8; 6:10; 7:5).

He was considered a fool and a fanatic.
He was often treated like dirt and garbage by others (1 Cor. 4:13).

He glories in nothing but the cross (Gal. 6:14). He does not glory in his gifts or abilities or even his deeper life experiences.
He glories only in dying to himself perpetually. 

He says in 2 Cor. 4:10,
"Always bearing about in the body the dying of the Lord Jesus, that the life also of Jesus might be made manifest in our body [in ever-increasing degree]."

One aspect of the cross that he accepted was the disciplining of his bodily appetites.
He says, "Like an athlete I punish my body, treating it roughly, training I to do what it should, not what it wants to" (1 Cor. 9:27-LB).
He disciplined his eyes in what they read and looked at, his ears in what they listened to, and his tongue in what it spoke. He disciplined his life in every area.

3. Humility  :
Twenty-five years after his conversion,
Paul says, "I am the least of the apostles" (1 Cor. 15:9).

Five years  subsequently, he says,
"I am less than the least of all the saints" (Eph. 3:8).

Still a year later he says,
"I am (notice, it is not "I was" but "I am") the chief of sinners" (1 Tim. 1:15).

The closer Paul walked with God, the more he was conscious of the corruption and wickedness of his flesh.
He recognized that no good thing could be found in his flesh (Rom. 7:18).

4.  Pressing forward :
"I am pressing on," says Paul, nearly thirty years after his conversion, and as he was drawing to the end of his life (Phil. 3:14).
He still has not attained. He is seeking a still greater degree of the fullness of the Spirit of God in his life, and is therefore straining every spiritual muscle toward this goal.

A Valuable lesson Paul has shown us…. He disciplined himself in Christ.. And so are we to do for reaching the eternal prize.

In His Grace.. We can Finish the Race….

Oct 1, 2014

Dwight Moody: Ready To Go


Dwight Moody was travelling by boat on one of the Great Lakes when a really bad storm developed.

The other passengers on the boat cowered in fear.

 They even started an impromptu prayer meeting asking God to deliver them from the storm.
Moody didn't join in this prayer meeting.

When asked why not, he answered with these words,
 "I have a sister in Chicago and one in heaven and I don’t care which I see tonight."

Are We Ready to Meet the Lord When He calls us Home?

An Awesome Appearance Stays In the Memory For Ages

Stanford University

Stanford, Leland images

In 1884 a young man died, and after the funeral his grieving parents decided to establish a memorial to him.
With that in mind they met with Charles Eliot, president of Harvard University.

Eliot received the unpretentious couple into his office and asked what he could do.
After they expressed their desire to fund a memorial, Eliot impatiently said, "Perhaps you have in mind a scholarship."

"We were thinking of something more substantial than that... perhaps a building," the woman replied.
 In a patronizing tone, Eliot brushed aside the idea as being too expensive and the couple departed.

The next year, Eliot learned that this plain pair had gone elsewhere and established a $26 million memorial named Leland Stanford Junior University, better known today as Stanford!

Don’t limit your sight.... See it the way the Lord sees...
You might have missed many Harvard’s... but there are Stanford’s on the way... believe it..

Expect Great things From God and Attempt Great things For God
                                                                   William Carey

Church Service

(Likely In The Near Future!)

Praise the Lord.


Can we please turn our tablet PC, iPad, cell phone, kindle bibles to 1 Cor. 13:13....!
And please switch on your Bluetooth to download the sermon.... !

Let us pray committing this week into God's hands.
Open your WhatsApp, BBM, Twitter and Facebook and chat with your God. Come on...

Please have your credit and debit cards ready as we shall now take tithes and offerings.
You can log on to the church Wi-Fi using the password Lord909887.

[Ushers circulate mobile card swipe machines among the worshipers. Those who prefer to make electronic funds transfers are directed to computers and laptops at the rear of the church and those who prefer to use iPads allowed to flip them open. Those who prefer telephone banking are allowed to take out their cell phones to transfer their contributions to the church bank account!]

The holy atmosphere is truly electric as the cell phones , iPads, PCs and laptops beep and flicker!


 This week's cell meetings shall be held on the various Facebook group pages where the usual group chatting takes place.
Please don't miss out. Thursday's bible teachings will be held live on Skype at 1900hrs GMT.

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God bless you and have a wonderful week !