Oct 31, 2014

Who will care the orphans

Last week when I was in Pushkar I went to Ajmer to visit a family to pray.
When I reached the big house one young girl opened the door and after few minutes took me inside the house.
When I went went inside my helt started to melt.As I was going through their family history,came to know that their parents died way back in 2003.Both the brothers are totally bed redden and can not walk or stand.
The young girl started talking to me that this is their life.When everyone is happily celebrating Diwali an Indian festival we are sitting here with no hopes.Next sentence was even more touchy.
She said,Pl pray either we all live or all die.
Surprisingly all of them are awake whole night in fear.
They have started believing in Jesus Christ and want to see a total transformation in their life.
They have very little money left for their livelihood.
Their friends and relatives are not supporting.
few Christians are supporting.
Will you be able to support them,if yes I can provide you with their contact details.

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