Jan 29, 2015

In the days of Apostles and today

Dear Friends,
There was no religeous freedom during the times of Apostles.
I want to challange everyone who wants to a Christian.Stay fixed in your faith.
Apostles were ready to be martyred.What about us?
Today we need more believers who wants to martyred.
Join the burden of Jesus to reach the last unreached.

Jan 18, 2015

Delhi election review

I am one of the people who is closely watching Delhi Election as a special event.
1.Delhi is the Capital.
2.Delhi is small India where all sort of people live.
3.Delhi is the heart of our country.
Ok let me come to the point.
I hope you remember the end of 15 years regime of Sheela Dikhshit.
How AAP came from nowhere to become the ruling party for 49 days and now let me share the Important things without supporting any party.
BJP who is ruling the nation is confused about there CM candidate in Delhi.
Why they are giving priority to people from AAP and anna hazare movement.
Once kiran Bedi and Shazia Ilmi were accusing BJP and now they have all the praise for Modi and still not the party.
Let me ask you a question If PM Modi is non existant than what will happen to our country?It is always good to have a joint effort than single commanding person.

How fast the party react to a problem.
AAP - quick
BJP - 50% slower than AAP
Congress - 50% slower than BJP

Which is the secular Party
Congress - 100%
AAP - 75%
BJP - 50%

This time I ask all Delhites to prayerfully cast their votes.Avoid NOTA as your Vote is very Important.
Share to as many as possible to have a stable govt in Delhi.

Jan 4, 2015

New Hindi books update

We have uploaded 3 new biographies in http://hindichristianbooks.com/
Now available COD throughout India.

D.L.Moody price 45/-

George Muller 70/-

Joni 50/-