Apr 19, 2015

Is Pill His Will?

"Behold, I am the Lord, the God of all flesh;  Is there anything too hard for Me?"
(Jer 32:27)

Some Churches teach that taking medicine is sin.

Several believers who bragged that they would never touch medicine regretted afterwards with guilt when a situation necessitated medical treatment.
The doctrine that believers should not use medicine is found nowhere in the Bible.

Several effective medicines are herbal extracts and they are actually God's provision for our health and strength (Gen 1:29).
Rachel begged Leah for some mandrakes because it was a herb believed to promote fertility in women (Gen 30:14).

Even after God promised King Hezekiah extension of life, it was Prophet Isaiah who advised medical treatment to the King (Isa 38:21).
Jesus endorsed the medical ministry to the sick (Mt 9:12). The good Samaritan applied oil and wine on the wounds of the robbed man and bandaged them (Lk 10:34).

 Luke was a "beloved" Physician, obviously because of his loving medical help to the believers and the ministers (Col 4:14).
 Paul encouraged Timothy to take a little wine for his chronic stomach ailment (1 Tim 5:23).

In the case of King Asa, he sought "only" the physicians. That was wrong.
What was necessary on his part primarily was repentance (2 Chronicles 16:12).

The woman with nonstop bleeding was not chided by Jesus for spending so much on doctors.
Rather Jesus cheered her up and healed her (Lk 8:43-48).

Medicine and Faith do not contradict each other.
They can harmoniously coexist. In Christian hospitals, prayer, faith and medicine are administered together.

 Aren't doctors a gift from God?
(Jer 8:22)

 There are surgeons who kneel down and pray in operating rooms before they pick up the scalpel.
There are godly men and women who would not touch medicine. It's a commendable faith.

But that should not be thrust on others.
"Do you have faith? Keep it to yourself before God" (Rom 14:22).

All do not have the same "measure" of faith (Rom 12:3).

Parents who don't immunize their children against polio are failing in their moral responsibility.
Preachers, especially healing evangelists, need not feel awkward to go to doctors, and then hide it from people.

Let people know that preachers are perfectly normal human beings!
(Acts 14:15; Gal 4:13)

 The full blessings of Redemption, especially for our bodies, can be realised only at Christ's return.

Until then we enjoy just the first fruits (Rom 8:23; Heb 9:28).
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