Apr 23, 2015

One day I'll touch the sky !!! by Payal James

I wanna touch the sky.. 
Its so blissful as it could be.
What I got is nothing but 
your promises as its the best I should be..
In a queue to receive the blessing like she OR Him..
Not Jealous, But waiting for my Chance..
Patience is what best in me...
& LOVE is what pleases me...
Wounds have several time bleeded me..
Hope has just helped me to be more like ME..

I wanna Touch the sky.. 
Its so blissful as it could be.

Confused, Crushed, Crippled, Collapsed..
is all the stages of my down reaching life...
When I was sinking in the darkness
You became my light..
Tickled by the way you brought the change,,
Amazed by the Power of Grace...

I fail to Fly,,
But I know its just a illusive Lie..
One day I will Fly..
Because I wanna touch the Sky..

# How many time have you fail and wished you wouldn't have?
I have failed a zillion times, but I don't wanna give up..
And I wont..
because I can do all things through him who strengthens me.
Don't just give up already,, Things mite look out of hand.. but just be patient!!!
God won't let you down so easily.. so hold on !!!
Like it goes "He makes all things work together for my Good"

All things so why not Sky ;)
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