Apr 18, 2015

Rajni Kant Accepts Christ.... True or false

Off late I am seeing above picture with a caption saying "Super star Rajani Kant Accepts Jesus Christ" and every one is sharing on their walls also.
Let me try to clarify.
Regarding this picture has written to Pr.Sammy Thangaiah (s/o Pr.Paul Thangaiah) who the one praying.
I still remember that in one of his post had shared about how he prayed for Mr Rajni Kant when he was in Chennai.
Today on 18th April got a mail from Pr Sammy Thangaiah that he just prayed nothing else.
My humble request.... without knowing the truth don't circulate anything.
Unless and until someone openly confess how can we say that someone is Believer.
If any of you are getting a concrete evidence please mail me at jivi.jebaraj@serahindia.com.

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