May 19, 2015

Caught on the trap

This is a true incident which happened in 2013.To safeguard internet users to be careful,I am not revealing the name in original.Smily (Name Changed) aged about 33 years who hail from Mumbai.Divorced and live in relation with Shridhar (Name Changed) having a son raju who is 3 years old.Parents live in Mumbai.She is fond of making friendship with boys and enjoys roaming with them.Short tempered and mentally not stable.

As per the medical history she had brain hammerage when she was just 16 years old.For which she is taking medicine till date.
While she was hunting for guys,she came into contact with Prakash (Name Changed) a software Engineer aged about 39 years.They say that they came into contact through Gmail.I have my own doubt that how someone can be connected through email services without the help of Social Network like Facebook or Orkut.
Any how they started Chatting and slowly intimacy started to build and within a short time started to talk about marriages. Prakash invited her to Noida in Delhi to know each other further as an initiate to tie the knot.She took a flight from Mumbai and flew to Delhi and took a Cab to reach Noida and met Prakash .She stayed with him in his flat and during the weekend they went to Agra and took few photographs in Taj Mahal.
Now she changed her social status as Married without being officially marrying him and started to live with him,days rolled by and he started to know about her character. When asked about her parents she told that they are already dead and she was living in a Church. Soon he came to a conclusion and said that marrying you is not possible and now the turn took place.She tried to burn herself and finally landed in the hospital. Prakash took care of her and now and then she started to harass him and compelling him to marry her or she will commit suicide.Horrified through the situation and frustrated one day he leaves her in some common place and flee from her.
Now the turning point.
He thought that she will leave the house but in turn she remained there and one day desperate and tried to commit suicide Came across an advocate who promised to help her and next day they met and now she started to do everything according to his direction.As per his direction she claimed that she had been gang raped for one month.(If you see her body structure you can easily judge that if gang raped how she is alive) The petition was given to the police and asked to take action against the culprit (Prakash).Media intervened without knowing about her past and compelled by the Media people the case was registered and also she claimed that her 17 lakh rs worth of Gold go missing.
As per their plan the advocate insisted her to ask for the Money for Gold and in turn to withdraw the case. Prakash went hiding and they were trying to negotiate but as Prakash has not taken the Gold,he surrenderd before the SSP and put behind the Bar.
Now the turning point.
When the advocates came to know about the surrender their plan of minting money shattered and now they started to trouble her and (for your information the Car which was there go missing,household articles are not in the home.)
Now they are asking her to pay them the fees and pressurizing her.
Now the faults made by her.
1.I have no Parents.
2.I got married to Prakash in a Hindu Temple.
3.Swiped his credit card for 1.10 lakhs and signed by her.
4.Shattered the house and even fired.
Now One way she wants to quit the case and live peacefully but the Advocates are not allowing her to do so.
Its more than one and half years .Till today 19/05/2015 Prakash is in Jail not able to get bail,how sad?
Here she wants to withdraw the case but can not do,hence need to follow and spend.
Dear All,
This may happen to you also.
Stop talking to the persons who is not known to you or introduced by a proper person.
Don’t accept friends request from unknown people.
Because of their wrong doings they both are trapped.Warning to the Media people.Don’t put anything without knowing the Truth.

More Christian Bloggers needed

Normally blogging is what we intend to share with the world.If you are specialized in something please share your knowledge with others.This platform is very useful to share the word of God.Gospel can be shared.Discussion is possible.If you want any help please let me know. 

Circular Journey Ticket in Indian Railways

Since 2005 most of the time I use CJT (Circular Journey Ticket) for travelling multiple legs within India.
Let me share the benefits of CJT
1.Due to Telescopic fare the fare is very reasonable.
2.If the train is full and the counter shows No Room,still you can manage and proceed without paying any fine.
3.When the break of journey is short distance the money saved is more.

How to apply for Circular Journey Ticket?

One person can apply for as many people needed to travel.

1.Approach the Supervisor to get the farm.
2.Fill the form and submit.Get the counterfoil.
3.Collect the ticket after paying the fare. the advance booking in the same counter or proceed to any reservation counter to obtain the seat.

To choose the route let me give you an example.
1.Chennai to Mangalore
2.Mangalore to Mumbai.
3.Mumbai to delhi.
4.Delhi to Jammu
5.Jammu to Gorakhpur.
6Gorakhpur to Guwahati.
7.Guwahati to Kolkata
8.Kolkota to vishakapatnam
9.Vishakapattinam to Chennai.
Break of Journey at 1.Mangalore 2. Mumbai,3.Delhi,4.Jammu,5.Gorakhpur,6.Guwahati,7.Kolkota,8.Vishakapattinam.
You can have upto 8 break journey.Important thing is you can not return the way you went.For any doubt call me at 098409 74777 or mail me at

May 7, 2015

Pastor Sam Sundaram Passed away (With Testimony)

Pastor M K Sam Sundaram entered into glory today. Funeral service for Pastor M K Sam Sundaram on 8.5.15 at 12 pm at ACA Purasawalkam near Meghala Theatre, thereafter burial at 3 pm at Kilpauk cemetery .His body is kept at ACA Purasawalkam for believers to pay homage.

Pastor.M.K.Sam Sundaram was born in the year 1938 in Chennai, India. His parents M. V. Kuttalam and Sethuammal belonged to an orthodox Hindu community. He has 2 brothers and 3 sisters. He was a devout Hindu in his childhood da...ys. He used to visit Hindu temples and fall prostrate before the idols, praying with much reverence. During the year 1947, his father and his elder brother received the salvation of God and were baptized. But even then, he was not able to accept that Jesus Christ was the "Only Way." In the years that followed, his family members and friends constantly spoke to him about Jesus and salvation. Finally, on 11th July 1954, he gave his life to the Lord and got baptized.

While in college, he used to distribute hand bills about Jesus to other fellow students. Many students were blessed by the prayer meetings he arranged and were saved and baptized.

After college hours, he would visit the slums and share the gospel of Christ to the poor. In this way, even as a teenager, he was mightily used by God. After graduation, the Lord guided him to do His ministry. In spite of his receiving many good job offers from various companies, he decided to serve the Lord. He began his ministry as an assistant pastor to the founder, Pastor.G.Sundaram. The Lord has blessed him with His powerful anointing and grace that he is able to do a glorious ministry for God till today.

In 1961, he married Leelavathi, who was the younger sister of Pastor. G. Sundaram's wife. She has always been a pillar of support and has encouraged him in all his endeavors. They had visited various places like Dubai, England, USA and many more places, and glorified God with their ministry.

For almost 28 years, he assisted the founder Pastor. G. Sundaram in his ministry. In 1989 when Pastor. G. Sundaram went to be with the Lord, the God-ordained successor was Pastor. M. K. Sam Sundaram. As a chief pastor, he has been able to direct the church in the 'ways of God.' Multitudes of people have benefited from the many sermons given by him. Through him, the Lord continues to expand the boundaries of this ministry in all sides. He has been the driving force behind the considerable growth of this ministry. Thousands of souls are being added to the church every year! His dedication and passion for the church will make it reach even greater heights and prepare millions of people for the Lord's coming.

Hindi Bible Concordance Update

As we are coming to the final phase of proof reading we need more of your prayers.We want you to book your copies.75% work is over now.