May 19, 2015

Circular Journey Ticket in Indian Railways

Since 2005 most of the time I use CJT (Circular Journey Ticket) for travelling multiple legs within India.
Let me share the benefits of CJT
1.Due to Telescopic fare the fare is very reasonable.
2.If the train is full and the counter shows No Room,still you can manage and proceed without paying any fine.
3.When the break of journey is short distance the money saved is more.

How to apply for Circular Journey Ticket?

One person can apply for as many people needed to travel.

1.Approach the Supervisor to get the farm.
2.Fill the form and submit.Get the counterfoil.
3.Collect the ticket after paying the fare. the advance booking in the same counter or proceed to any reservation counter to obtain the seat.

To choose the route let me give you an example.
1.Chennai to Mangalore
2.Mangalore to Mumbai.
3.Mumbai to delhi.
4.Delhi to Jammu
5.Jammu to Gorakhpur.
6Gorakhpur to Guwahati.
7.Guwahati to Kolkata
8.Kolkota to vishakapatnam
9.Vishakapattinam to Chennai.
Break of Journey at 1.Mangalore 2. Mumbai,3.Delhi,4.Jammu,5.Gorakhpur,6.Guwahati,7.Kolkota,8.Vishakapattinam.
You can have upto 8 break journey.Important thing is you can not return the way you went.For any doubt call me at 098409 74777 or mail me at

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