Jul 13, 2015

Indian Case Study for counselors - Relationship between south india boy with north indian girl

This case is between two believers,girl is north Indian and boy is south Indian.
while surfing on the net they became friends through FB.After which they started to communicate and became good friends.While their friendship they fell in love.
As they are believers,they started planning for their future.Boy was not in a state to share about this relationship with his parents as he was still studying,so they planned to wait further to get the job after finishing higher studies.
They are in a right age to marry and the boy is getting negative responce from his parents and these two persons though have no problems but because of social issues want to be separated.
Both the boy and girl seem to be attached emotionally,find it difficult to forget their past.
what should they do?
1.Should they get married even when they are not getting permission from their parents?
2.Should they seperate totally?
3.Should they remain single and wait till he gets jog?
4.Do they both need good counsel?

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