Jul 15, 2015

Should I tell about my past relationship to my would be husband or wife?

Now a days when I am with young boys and girls,they are worried about their Past experiences where they failed miserably in relationships.
Nowadays it is not so easy to get a girl or boy who say that I have never ever dated or was in relationships.Many a times people don't know the meaning of committed.Some say this is a trial and error method and i will get the best guy or girl very soon.During the course of time many things got changed,Previously you were looking at the beauty and now you are worried about the future survival.
I have seen years of relationship breaking within a fraction of second and they depart.What is the consequences of telling about the past brings into someone's life.
My question is whether to tell my future spouse about my past.Even those had experienced or counselors they can also share their thoughts.

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