Jul 19, 2015

Yatra ecash Fraud

If you used to book your tickets through yatra.com this bolg will open your eyes.
Don't ever go with this website.
 They are cheating you with all attractive offers and you end up spending extra amount you suppose to. They mentioned 100% or 50% cash back and all but it only come to yatra e-cash, from where you can only get 5% of the money redeem.5% WILL BE LESS THEN THE SERVICE CHARGE THEY PUT.
The 5 This e-cash money is also valid only for next 3 months. So with in 3 months you have to travel 20 time to us this 100% or 50% or the cash. By default the cost in yatra is 20% more compared to other sites. If you go with other site you will atleast get some offers and save some money. So you will end up spending money more here.
For Example 

If you go through the above screen shot
1.total available ecash is 5007 and you can redeem only 226 ecash.
2.Yatra service charge is 399 rs which is very high
3.If you use YINTSALE code then again you will receive 20% ECASH APPROX 984 ecash will earn
Total Payable 4922 - 226 = 4696

If you go through the above site www.easemytrip.com you are getting a price of 4512/- which is 4696-4512=184rs which is about 4% lower than the yatra.com after fraudulent discount.
There are few cashbacks available when using a particular bank credit card.My sincere advice,Always check different sites before booking.
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