Aug 15, 2015

small accident life departed

Today I am sharing what happened just two days back in Chennai.
Sunny a boy from Shillong who was studying in Nazareth College of arts and science was about to give performance during their talent show in the college,on 13th afternoon he just told his fellow friends that he will be back after taking lunch in the room where he stayed.He never returned. Akshay his friend got a call saying sunny is in the local hospital after he met with an accident.Local hospital refused to take him and refereed him to the Ramachandra hospital.On reaching they declared him dead.

What a tragic end to this boy.I met him personally and was such a nice guy.Today on 14th all the students were gathered in the hospital Crying.
My sincere advice don't delay your plan of salvation.We may not get another chance to live in this world.Let has believe that today may be the last day of my life in this world.Let sin not have dominion over you.
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