Sep 6, 2015

relationships wrong identity (as told)

There was a girl who was more than half his age and he used to mentor her and always tried to bring closer to the Lord.
She was living away from her home and he used to meet when he passed through her town and every time the parents were informed.
Every thing was fine until she stopped picking his phone calls and he called her parents and they said she is bit busy.
After few weeks he gets a call from one mutual friend and without asking any thing asks him not to talk with her as they think the man has affair with the girl.The man was shocked to hear as he was treating her like his daughter.
This is end days and it is very easy to give tag.
One more case
This boy had crush over one girl and he proposed but she refused.Days passed by and he started working in a mobile shop when she approached his shop to get repaired her phone he  transferred her pics without her permission and you know what he did?
He started circulating the pic among his friends and saying that he has affair with her and even slept with her.People can give any name to careful how you move in this corrupt time.Let us be humble and unblemished to stand before the Lord.
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