Sep 6, 2015

The Cross Demands A Cost - Mary Moffat (Wife Of David Livingstone)

Sometimes marriage to a great leader comes with a special price for his wife.
 Such was the case for Mary Moffatt Livingstone, wife of Dr. David Livingstone, perhaps the most celebrated missionary in the Western world.

 Mary was born in Africa as the daughter of Robert Moffatt, the missionary who inspired Livingstone to go to Africa.
 The Livingstone’s were married in Africa in 1845, but the years that followed were difficult for Mary.

Finally, she and their six children returned to England so she could recuperate as Livingstone plunged deeper into the African interior.
 Unfortunately, even in England Mary lived in near poverty.

The hardships and long separations took their toll on Mrs. Livingstone, who died when she was just forty-two.

David Livingstone laboured for five long years without seeing his family in the deserts of Africa for the sake of the Gospel.
He Knew that Christ Demands a Cost To Follow Him....As He understood the Bible in the Right Way....

If You Think I am Not Called to Suffer Or Pay A Price in Following the Cross.. You Are Greatly Deceived.....
Jesus Words Were Plain When He Called His Followers..

Deny Yourself And Follow Me....

You Can Know the Whole Bible..Page To Page... You Can Boast About Your Christian Ancestry.....
But Still You Can Lose Your Eternity In Christ If You Don’t Understand Him in His Understanding.....

Following Christ Involves a Cost.
Are You ready to count it?
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