Sep 8, 2015

The Trade Off

A young man was being considered for the position of executive vice president by the board of directors of a Fortune 500 company.
The issue of his compensation was complicated, and the deliberations went long into the morning.

The board decided to adjourn for lunch and vote on his selection immediately upon their return.
While in the company cafeteria, a member of the board was standing behind the candidate as he went through the food line.

He observed the candidate lift his plate and slide a pat of butter under it in an effort to avoid detection by the cashier.
When the meeting reconvened, the board member stood, shared what he had just observed, and queried,

“If we can’t trust him with a three-cent pat of butter, how can we place the company in his hands?”

The candidate missed a golden opportunity because of an unguarded moment.
 He traded a three-million dollar compensation package for a three-cent pat of butter.

What a tradeoff!

Have you stopped to calculate some of your losses lately?
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