Sep 9, 2015

They Stabbed Me

It was a regular work day. There were 6 of us in a room - myself, two other men, and three women.

One of the guys was talking about his vacation when one of the women handed him a knife and he stabbed me, right in the lower abdomen.

The last thing I remembered before I passed out was the women working to control the bleeding.
I woke up in a 5th floor hospital bed at St. Peter’s Hospital in Olympia.

You wanna see my scar?
I think I better tell you the whole story.

It was indeed a regular work day while I worked for the State Patrol, but I wasn’t at work.
 The room was a surgical room and the 5 other people in the room were my anaesthesiologist, my surgeon, and three nurses.

They were there to perform an appendectomy, which is why the doctor stabbed me in the gut.
Fortunately, he had my best interest at heart and he was nice enough to sew me up when he was finished.

You see, if you don’t hear the whole story, the act of a surgeon cutting into you with a knife can sound quite traumatic.
 Who would opt for that? But for someone who is sick and in need of relief, it is a welcome wound.

Always Learn To Be Patient In Knowing the Whole Story.
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