Sep 10, 2015

when she came to know that she is adopted

Here I am sharing a case.
A girl who was adopted and never told about the adoption.When she was adopted the parents were not well to do.
Times went by and parents became rich and now the issue started.The one who gave for adoption wanted to show their love and affection to the girl and she was very much happy with her new parents who never ever wanted her to know about her adoption.
Now the time of marriage came and her future husband was told about her adoption and he had no problem with that.
Now she was happily living with her child and never told about her adoption.Now the greatest fear is when she comes to know how she will react.
Now she has isolated herself with the relatives and living in a remote area.
My question Is it the right price for being adopted?
How to tackle?
Why guilt when has done no wrong?
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