Nov 9, 2015 Hindi Church Directory online

We are planning to have a church directory online where hindi service is available.
Website name is booked.Please send your church details with service timings and picture of pastor with church.

Update about our Hindi Concordance project

At last now we are in the final phase of printing the Concordance in Hindi.Please book your copies.
We have few books to be printed in pipeline.
Thanking all those who have booked their copies and patiently waiting.Please call +alisha lal  at 7898181001 to book your copies.#HINDICHRISTIANBOOKS

Nov 1, 2015

Beware Nigerian online cheaters are active again

Two days back known person of mine called me and wanted me to help their 54 lakhs U.S.Dollars from Reserve Bank and took the name of T.B.Joshua sa the donor and he himself had a chat with them.
Again today got a call from Bilaspur that same name T.B.Joshua has promised to give huge money to develop schools in their area.
This made me serious and compelleb me to write this blog.
Those who know me personally can tell you how I am helping people to come out of this kind of trap.
Please share with as many pastors you can as they are the one who are their prey.
Let me explain you how they approach you.
Suddenly a friend request pops in and when you are connected you will recieve a chat in your messenger.Things will start in the name if the Lord and the conversation picks up,after few minutes he will start to prophesy and say that the Lord is showing you as a key person to handle projects and the Lord is showing you as the right person.
Now after few communication you will be getting an international call and briefing the same thing.Than the trick emerges.They will convince you by saying the amount will be coming to Delhi and than to your respected places and you need to give 20% of the amount as service charges to the agency person and even ask about Credit Card.Finally they will request you not to share with anyone until recieving.
1.Ask for a video chat.
2.Check if the mutual friends really know him.
3.Always Judge the prophesy.
4.Send me a mail at for any queries,
The Lord is mindful of you and bless you.
Blessing and honour comes from the Lord.Time shall no longer be delayed and Jesus is coming back,Don't put yourself in financial stress.
God Bless you.