Dec 25, 2015

Are we really longing for the kingdom of God

One side we are seeing Islamic countries like Somalia and Brunie Banning Christmas and new year celebrations and other so called countries like US they are allowing same islamic people have more dominion in there place.
As a Christian what I can learn from these sort of things.This is my view.
1.The coming of the Lord is very near.
2.Satan is trying with full force to succumb christians.
3.Persecution will be more in the coming days.
As a child of God My duty.
1.Live a life which is pleasing our Lord.
2.As the Lord taught in his prayer,our daily prayer shouls be...LET HIS KINGDOM COME.
3.Try to share the Gospel in a powerful way.
4.In unity we have strength.Avoid division in every place.
God bless you.
Jivi Jebaraj
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Dec 14, 2015

Family Annual Prayer 2015

This fellowship was started way behind in 2000 and every year we try to join for this event.I am personally blessed through these years.Has seen many miracles happen in every ones life.
I encourage you all to have these kind of events at least ones in a year.
This year most of the participants testified and feel proud to see many serving the Lord.
Amazing way the Lord blesses.

Dec 11, 2015

How the Lord blessed me with a daughter

        When the Lord does something it is marvellous. This is all about Alisha Lal a 24 years old girl from a town in Chhattisgarh. Amazing way the Lord connects. If you check my journey with Christ there will be little to zero percent chances of connecting with her. It was on 2nd July 2011 when  I was told to share in a youth fellowship in Bilaspur and had to rush back to station to catch my train.Had no time to have a word with any of the youth. • She (Alisha) was there and next to her one girl named Rini james told about me who attended the feci youth meet in khandala sometimes back. Since than she started to follow me in facebook and the updates.After some time I invited her for a fellowship in my friend's house.She will do whatever thoughts shared like starting a prayer fellowship and other things.It so happened when I was in Bilaspur and after a fellowship she asked me a strange question.... Can I call you daddy? I had to answer yes.Now the father daughter relationship started.she took the burden of promoting literature in her area.She came full time to serve the Lord.Now she is national coordinator and spokes person of Serah India ministries.She can manage anywhere and has a passion to do great things for the Lord.Please pray for her future.