Jan 1, 2016

How to excel during odd and even number Formula in Delhi

Let me tell you one thing,The important thing going to happen is the oil companies will face target problem means their sales will dip,second thing your pocket will not be burn much.When I was in Kuala lumpur the govt has provided free ac buses with wifi facility to 4 or 5 routes.
  If the govt provides world class facility in pubic transport,I don't think that our people will hesitate to travel there.Less cars meas less traffic,thus saving time.
The concept of giving lift or carpooling will be encouraged more.
Can plan to put sticker saying I love carpooling or lift but we need to be careful about to whom we are giving lift so if some app is developed then surely the help will be more.
Don't use the cheap idea of changing your number plate daily.
I will update you in regular basis.
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