Jan 3, 2016

Sad story of Tamilnadu"TASMAC"

Till date I thought that TASMAC is something related to Liquor shop but when i searched the thing is different.
If you are also of the same thought this blog is for you.Apart from that let me share what is happening in Tamilnadu.
One way where we see decrease in regular sales,Liquor sales is going up day by day.
Have you ever seen a good looking wine shop on the road and still always they have customers.They never issue bills and still no one complaints.
Nobody complaints about the price rise.
My question if liquor is a money fetching machine for Tamilnadu,why not start registered whore houses with license all over the state and get further income.
Today I came to know in one TV Chanel that the total DEBT on Tamilnadu Govt is 4 Lack crores.Where the money is going?
1.free gifts to all who never wated like fan,grinder and mixie.
2.Public distribution system where black marketing is happening.
3.No proper leadership.
As the election is nearing I want you to think before you exercise your rights.Hope after this election we can see a ray of hope.

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