Apr 10, 2016

Tips to visit Srinagar,Kashmir in India

If you are thinking to visit Kashmir the first thing comes to your mind is terrorism.I am traveling there for the past 10 years regularly.
There was a time when the city of Srinagar was full of Army personals and Army vehicles all around.Traveling was not easy as all those who were entering thoroughly checked before entering the city.Vehicles were not allowed to ply during night hours.
Now I can see many things changed.
1.The easier way to enter Srinagar is by air.Srinagar is well connected with Delhi and from there you can get connecting flights,while returning try to be early to the Airport because of multiple check points,No hand luggage is allowed inside the flight,though laptops and cameras are allowed with another check point where you need to switch on and off your laptop (keep your laptop fully charged)
2.If you can manage to travel around 9 hours by road take a shared taxi from Jammu Bus stand(around 3kms from Railway Station.(you can get taxis from both the entrance)tempo traveler is bit cheaper and seats are comfortable.There is no fixed tariff and you can negotiate always.
3.Rail work is completed till udhampur-Katra and Banihal to Srinagar
If you can reach Udhampur in the morning there are buses and taxis to Banihal and from Banihal to Srinagar (78 kms) in 90 to 100 minutes.While returning come till Banihal in Train and from there Buses and taxis will be lined up for Jammu.

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