Apr 18, 2016

your vote is very precious during 2016 Tamil Nadu Elections

As I always do,I am writing this blog after seeing the happenings in Tamilnadu where the election is scheduled to take place on 16th of May.

This year every vote is very precious because 3 to 4 parties are actively fighting in every constituency.Each party is trying differently.

Please follow the steps this election.
1.Don't use NOTA unless the majority of the constituency are not interested in any of the candidates,remember if the NOTA wins,then we can have fresh elections in that place otherwise no use.Stay focussed.
2.All parties are promising a ban on liquor.Prayerfully choose as the party which implements need to overcome all the hurdles,especially smuggling and black marketing.
3.Freebies are not the main thing we should expect from the ruling party.
4.Winning margin will be very thin thus go early and exercise your voting right.
5.Encourage others and try to take them with you for voting.
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