Dec 21, 2016

Where are we heading for

Its been a long since I blogged, As I had an intensive travel schedule.
Here with let us discuss something.
As the title says and the time of posting you will be saying that we are heading towards 2017 but let me share the happenings in India.
There was a time when taking decision by the Prime Minister was very tough here but now every now and then the PM is issuing new guidelines.
One way it is good and the system becomes easy but after the Demonetization of 500 and 1000 rs note in India things are different.
Everyone is really scared and for some their hard earned money is on stake....
whatever but one thing is clear..... we can see the sign of centralizing  happening all over India.
When Aadhaar was introduced it was not an official id proof but now here we can see the by your Aadhaar no you can activate your mobile number on the spot.
Now all the bank accounts will be connected through aadhaar and many things are going to happen.
  All this are the sign that we are in the last second of end time.
What we are going to do?
are we still going to accumulate wealth after wealth?
This is the time to have our priorities right.
Let us reexamine our calling and how the Lord is going to use us as being used by the Lord is the need and I want everyone who is reading this blog post should come with a plan salvation to be shared in a faster pace.