May 19, 2017

Experience after stop using Whatsapp

Its been more than a week I have stopped using Whats app and its not easy to manage things.I am a person who started using social sites when very few were using internet.

   Everyone told me that it is not easy to live without whatsapp.Even I find it difficult to communicate.

I have taken this as a challange and now i can see that my productivity is increased I started to interact more directly and able to save two hours daily.

Some suggestions to use Whatsapp wisely.
1.Don't reply to messages instantly.
2.Think before the being in a group twice.
3.Leave the group when too many farward messages are being sent.
4.Never share confidential things.
5.Daily validate the benefits.

I will update in the coming days about more.
Right now I am using Telegram which has very less crowd.